Conditioning Final

Conditioning Final - Chapter 11 Acquisition- T he initial...

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Chapter 11 Acquisition- The initial stage of learning. Amnesia- Loss of memory. (See also retrograde amnesia.) cognitive ethology- A branch of ethology that assumes that consciousness, awareness, and intentionality can be inferred from the complexity, flexibility, and cleverness of certain forms of behavior. comparative cognition- Theoretical constructs and models used to explain aspects of behavior that cannot be readily characterized in terms of simple S-R or reflex mechanisms. These mechanisms do not presume consciousness, awareness, or intentionality. delayed-matching-to-sample procedure- A procedure in which participants are reinforced for responding to a test stimulus that is the same as a sample stimulus that was presented some time earlier. directed forgetting- Forgetting that occurs because of a stimulus (a forget cue) that indicates that working memory will not be tested on that trial. Directed forgetting is an example of the stimulus control of memory. Episodic memory- Memory for a specific event or episode that includes information about what occurred and when and where it took place, as contrasted with memory for general facts or ways of doing things. Forgetting-
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Conditioning Final - Chapter 11 Acquisition- T he initial...

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