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EGYPT study guide - EGYPT Menes(3000-2938 BC o o United...

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EGYPT Menes (3000-2938 BC) o Built first dam around the world; around Memphis o United upper and lower Egypt o First pharaoh of Egypt’s first dynasty Djoser (2667-2648 BC) o Built Step Pyramid in Saqqara o Second ruler of old kingdom period o First of Egypt’s pharaohs to be deified o Tomb built from stone instead of mud brick o Pushed Egypt’s boundaries to Aswan (first cataract) Imhotep o Architect of Step Pyramid o was chief architect, treasurer, high priest and vizier Step Pyramid o First pyramid; stone structure o 10,000 men?? o Compound surrounded by wall o Columns in compound were first columns erected on the world Snefru (2613-2589 BC) o 4 th dynasty o Meidum pyramid unfinished?collapsed? Transition from step pyramid to true pyramid
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o Built another pyramid at Dashur Bent pyramid o Built third pyramid, Red Pyramid. First true pyramid ever built Khufu o Built Great Pyramid at Giza o Height of Old Kingdom Khafre o Built Pyramid of Khafra and the Great Sphinx Menkaure
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