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Homework 11-29

Homework 11-29 - 1 What promotional opportunities gave...

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1. What promotional opportunities gave Under Armour its initial success? - One of the several promotional opportunities that gave Under Armour its initial success was the picture of an Oakland Raider player wearing an Under Armour shirt. This created word of mouth publicity for Under Armour. Another promotional opportunity was when Georgia Tech ordered 300 shirts for its whole football team. Under Armour’s products were also used in the movie, Any Given Sunday , which was the turning point for the company. After this, a full page in the ESPN magazine was taken out which eventually led to $750,000 increase in sales. 2. Which of the promotional elements described in Figure 18-2 are used by Under Armour in its IMC campaigns? - One of the promotional elements used by Under Armour is advertising which is an nonpersonal way of communication. This mostly has to do with mass marketing such as how Under Armour took out the full page ad in ESPN. Another type of promotional element used by Under Armour is public relations which is a type of communication that tries to influence
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