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chapter 4 - her behavior instead of reacting more or less...

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Sociology of Med Chapter 4 Social Stress and Health I. Social situations influence health a. The death of the 27 yr old army captain who had commanded the ceremonial troops at the funeral of President Kennedy i. He died ten days after the President of a cardiac irregularity and acute congestion according to the newspaper report b. Stress can be defined as a heightened mind-body reaction to stimuli inducing fear or anxiety in the individual i. Divorce, migration, unpleasant working conditions, unemployment, and financial strain II. Cooley, Thomas, and Goffman: Symbolic interaction a. Reflect the symbolic interactionist approach to human behavior (Mead) i. Sees the individual as a creative, thinking organism who is able to choose his or
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Unformatted text preview: her behavior instead of reacting more or less mechanically to the influence of social processes ii. All behavior is self-directed on the basis of symbolic meanings that are shared, communicated, and manipulated b. Cooley’s theory of the “Looking Glass Self” i. Maintained that our self-concepts are the result of social interaction in which we see ourselves reflected in other people ii. 3 basic components: 1. We see ourselves in our imagination as we think we appear to the other person 2. We see in our imagination the other person’s judgments of our appearance 3. We experience some sort of self-feeling such as pride or humiliation iii....
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