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380 Access Project Requirements Summer 2011 Introduction In today’s business world, accountants are often called upon to do more than tax, cost, and financial statement reporting. They are members of the management team with a broad array of responsibilities. Because of their understanding of accounting systems and the way those systems relate to the operation of the business, accountants may be called upon for input in the systems analysis and design process. As has been stressed in the course, an accountant’s objectives are twofold: 1. Ensuring that all the information useful for effective financial and management accounting reporting and analysis will be available. 2. Ensuring that these accounting systems and the business processes they support have a cost-beneficial level of internal control built into their design This project requires you to take a team approach in designing an accounting database that addresses these two issues. It will also give you the opportunity to develop your ability to describe an accounting database by building an ER/REA model, and to develop your critical thinking skills by working on a project that is unstructured. You will work in groups of two. Before you begin to use Access you must perform a System Analysis / Requirements analysis Requirements analysis - Based on your knowledge of typical Revenue Cycles, in groups of two
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Access%20Project%20reqts%20summer%202011 - 380 Access...

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