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REA Modeling Bowerkate (thanks to C. Dunn of Grand Valley State) A3. Bowerkate Corporation sells handcrafted surfboards to customers through its network of company salespeople. Each surfboard is given a unique identification number and a suggested selling price when finished. Upon employment each salesperson is immediately assigned to service a separate group of customers. When customer data is initially entered into Bowerkate’s information system, the customer is immediately assigned to a salesperson. Each sale can include one or more surfboards and can be paid for in any of three ways: (1) immediately in cash, (2) on the 15th of the following month, or (3) over the course of six months. No more than one salesperson participates in making a particular sale. A salesperson may negotiate with a customer and agree on a selling price for any surfboard that is lower than that surfboard’s suggested selling price, especially if the customer is a high volume customer or if that surfboard is a slow seller (i.e., it
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