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ACCESS Lab 1 with notes You have been asked to help design a database for a store that sells movies. 1) Review the following tables: (ENABLE MACROS. Show All Access Objects. Sort by ‘Object Type’ rather than by table) Customer Table: (Open in design view or click to it) Customer No (note autonumber) CAddress CLName (field size too large – fix) C Over 18? (make a checkbox) CFName (field size too large – fix) CSSN (use input mask, required) C Classification (see below) CPhoto ( note ‘attachment’ field type) C Join Date =date() or now() C CC# Movie Table: Employee Table: Movie ID EmpID Movie Title EmpName Release Date EmpPosition Producer EmpPhoto Rating Category/Genre Cost (should be $xxx.xx, positive, required) Sales price (should be $xxx.xx, positive, required) Use default values where possible (e.g. date, amounts) The fields are to have the following characteristics: C Classification : Needs to be a checkbox for Frequent Buyer member or not Social Security Number : Needs to be displayed and entered in the format xxx-xx-xxxx (required field, input mask) Rating : (Required field) Cost, Sales Price Needs to be in the format $xxx.xx; must be a positive number ( Required field, Validation rule (data tested against rule-true is OK, false yields dialog box),
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This note was uploaded on 08/07/2011 for the course ACC 380 taught by Professor Harkness during the Spring '11 term at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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access%20lab%20intro%20Sum11%20HO0 - ACCESS Lab 1 with...

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