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Bowerkate%20Solution%20REA%20tables%20Sum11 - CASH RECEIPT...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 8/7/11 Bowerkate Modeling Solution
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8/7/11 SURFBOARD INVENTORY: Surfboard ID# , description, suggested selling price, actual selling price, [Sale Invoice #] CASH : Cash account # , account type, bank name, account balance SALE : Sale invoice # , total amount, # of items, [Customer #], [Salesperson #]
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Unformatted text preview: CASH RECEIPT : Remittance Advice # , total amt, [Cashier ID#], [Customer #], [Cash account #] SALESPERSON : Salesperson # , salesperson name, commission rate CUSTOMER : Customer # , customer name, customer accounts receivable balance, [Salesperson #] CASHIER : Cashier ID#, cashier name...
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