Information%20Sheet%20and%20pretest - means or how to use...

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ACC 380 Summer 2011 PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. (You can leave something blank if you don’t want to answer the question.) 1. Name 2. Birthday 3. Section Time 4. Major 5. Hometown 6. Past Employment (part time/full time, accounting related, systems related) 7. Hobbies/Interests 8. Favorite Movie 9. Favorite Book 10. Favorite Quote 11. I hate it when professors _______. 12. 11. I wish professors would _______. 13. I am really passionate about _____. 14. Part-time job(s), extra-curricular commitments this semester 1
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ACC 380 Summer 2011 Name: This is a brief review designed to tell me what you already know about accounting systems. It is NOT for a grade, but the information will be important to me as we begin the course, so please consider the questions thoughtfully and answer honestly. Mark each of the following concepts according to this key: A I have never been introduced to this concept/technology before. B I have been introduced to the concept/technology, but I do not remember what it
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Unformatted text preview: means or how to use it. C At one time I understood this concept well or used this technology, and with a brief review of past notes or texts I could explain it or use it again. D I understand this concept or this technology and could explain it or use it and give examples to illustrate it. 1. The Revenue Cycle 2. The Purchasing Cycle 3. Entity Relationship diagrams - Data modeling 4. Access (tables) 5. Access (queries) 6. Access (forms) 7. Access (reports) 8. Access (menus) 9. Structured Query Language (SQL) 10. Creating Process Narratives 11. Flowcharting 12. Excel (general) 13. Excel (if statements) 14. Excel (pivot and lookup tables) 15. Excel (charts) 16. Excel (flowcharts) 17. Internal controls analysis 18. Accounting software (e.g., Peachtree, Quickbooks, etc.) Please specify which ones: 19. I am confident working with computers (yes/no): 20. I am competent working with computers (yes/no): 2...
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Information%20Sheet%20and%20pretest - means or how to use...

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