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Unformatted text preview: Sparky's Amusement Park Sparkys Amusement Park is an entertainment park run by recent college graduates. It caters to young people and others who are young at heart. The owners are very interested in applying what they have learned in their information systems and marketing classes to operate a park better than any other in the area. To accomplish these goals, guests of the park will pay a fee to the entry gate clerks for a personal wrist band with a bar code that is clipped to them as they enter. This band will be used to identify each guest for the day. Guests must pay with cash (i.e. no credit cards are accepted), and cash is deposited in three accounts daily. No guest personal information is taken. Each wrist band must be paid for separately. A new wrist band is issued each day a guest comes to the park. As at other parks, guests then are able to ride all of the attractions (such as a double-looping...
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Sparky%27s%20Amusement%20Park%20text%20sum111 - Sparky's...

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