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380 Access Lab #2 1. Use Movies database: Forms with Sub-forms (e.g. PO) Create using forms wizard. a. To select fields in form, select Header fields first, then Detail fields (don’t select a field twice), then informational fields from other tables. We did this in Lab #1. b. Change Employee field into a drop box. (This allows inputs to fields in the header form and subform that refer to other tables): i. Change field to a combo box ii. In Properties, go to Row Source, click on ellipsis (…) iii. Create query with ALL fields you want showing in drop box iv. Specify # of columns to show, list width c. Modify Employee drop box to ensure it only shows employees who are a Sales Clerk (in query, add ‘Position’ field that is subject to Criteria). d. For each field, review settings: enabled (can you go there), locked (can you input there), then tab order (both form and subform). We did this in Lab #1. e.
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