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Group #/Project Name: Database Implementation Grading Sheet Possible Lost points Write-up i Good description of process 3 ii ER/REA model - Correct entities, cardinalities 3 iii REA model is sufficiently complex (at least 2-4 Rs, 2-3 Es, 2 As) 6 iv Normalized tables 3 v Writeup addresses input controls 3 vi Description of queries, reports 2 Vii Any design/implementation compromises discussed 1 viii Appropriate format, grammar, spelling 2 Total 23 0 Switchboard (1) Opens to Switchboard 2 Links to Forms, Reports 3 5 0 Completeness (all needed tables present, 20 rows of data in each table) 5 3 Access Relationships same as REA model handed in 3 Access-Relationshps exist 2 Access-Referential Integrity enforced on relationships 2 Total 15 0 Forms (3) (at least 2 forms have subforms) 4 User friendly 3 Good design - layout of components, consistency across forms, etc 3 Controls on fields in tables (Input mask, validation, etc)
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Unformatted text preview: 5 Forms work 10 Total 25 Queries (4) 6 7 Total 13 Reports (2) Good Design (Title, layout, header & footer, page numbers, grand totals) 4 Usefulness of the report - does it make business sense? 3 Total 7 General Layout and Appearance Design appeal and creativity 12 Total 12 Bonus (Max 5) TOTAL 100 Your grade 100 REA Model, Tables & Relationships- may need to see the ER used Good design and complete-has all of the needed fields-column fields are appropriately titled (no "expr1" for calculated fields). -each query needs to address valid business issues.-more than just totals Sufficient complexity:- Some/All of the queries uses multiple tables- Some/All of the queries have criteria- Some/All of the queries have functions on it (sums, count, etc)- One or more of the queries modify the join properties in the relationship Comments:...
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This note was uploaded on 08/07/2011 for the course ACC 380 taught by Professor Harkness during the Spring '11 term at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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Access%20Project%20Grading%20sheet%20Summer%202011 - 5...

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