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Bear Bookstore The inventory control clerk examines the textbook open order file and the inventory records to determine the books and other items that are needed, and prepares a three-part purchase requisition. Copy 1 of the requisition goes to the purchases department, Copy 2 is filed with the order (if there is one) and Copy 3 is filed. Upon receipt of the requisition, the purchases clerk selects a supplier from the valid vendor file and prepares a two-part purchase order (PO). Copy 1 is sent to the supplier; Copy 2 goes to the accounts payable department, where it is filed temporarily. The PO number is written on the requisition and filed in a cabinet by PO number. A few days after the supplier ships the order, the goods arrive at the receiving department. They are inspected and the receiving clerk prepares a four-part receiving report describing the number and quality of the items received. Copy 1 of the report is filed in receiving by date. Copy 2 is filed in receiving by supplier. Copy 3 goes to inventory control, where the clerk posts to the inventory records and files the document.
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