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UNIVERSITY SLUM-LORDS Data Modeling Problem UNIVERSITY SLUMLORDS (USL) does business by leasing single-family homes, minimizing the upkeep on them, and then renting them to students who attend college in the same city. The paragraphs below describe part of the acquisitions cycle for USL. USL only deals in single-family houses in its home city, never in multiple unit dwellings. All of its “homes away from home” are houses leased from their present owners by USL employees who are called SL-agents. Lease contracts negotiated by these agents always deal with just one house, and the leases may last 3-5 years. All houses are in the same city and have unique street addresses. Every house is also given a single neighborhood designation by USL depending upon where it is located. Sample neighborhoods are “Walden,” “Pembroke,” “the Heights” (few USL houses), and “the Depths” (many USL houses). Those houses not associated with a traditional neighborhood are given a designation of either “downtown” or the “outskirts,” depending upon their location distance from the center of the city. Information on houses is not entered into the
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UNIVERSITY%20SLUM%20Lords%20Sum11%20AB%20text0 - UNIVERSITY...

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