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ACC 381 5/7/2011 Urbaczewski / Harkness / Kleitsch Summer 2011 p. 1 of 10 THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DEARBORN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ACC 381 Management of Information Systems Lab Summer 2011 Instructor Dr. Michael Harkness Graduate Assistant Samantha Kleitsch S. Kleitsch Office FCS 112A Office Phone (313) 583-6467 Dept Phone (313) 593-5336 Email * [email protected] Email * [email protected] Blackboard blackboard.umd.umich.edu Course Schedule (FCS 192) TW 11:30 a-02:20 p CRN 34312 ACC 381 - 201 Office Hours ** ** Tuesday 2:30a- 4:30a and by appointment * Best way to contact. ** P lease provide a ‘heads up’ if you plan to stop by. Course Description ACC 381 is designed to provide students a hands-on application overview of applying information systems in the business world. Emphasis will be placed on utilizing Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 to solve problems within most business disciplines. It presents an organizational view of how to use information technology to create competitive firms, manage global organizations, and provide useful services to customers especially in the areas of organizing data for problem-solving and decision-making purposes. Required Course Materials Succeeding in Business with Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007: A Problem-Solving Approach , Gross, D., Akaiwa, F., and Nordquist, K., Course Technology ISBN-13: 978-1-4239-0605-6 ISBN-10: 1-4239-0605-5 Be sure to purchase your book during the first week of the semester. The bookstore will return books that do not sell early in the term. This is the first edition of this text. Other Course Materials Additional handouts may be distributed in class or via electronic means.
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ACC 381 7/1/2011 Urbaczewski / Harkness / Kleitsch Summer 2011 p. 2 of 10 Course Objectives Course Objectives for ACC 381: Upon completion of this course, you should: Use Excel for in-depth data analysis at advanced levels to achieve competitive advantage. Understand and be able to create web pages through the use of common tools in addition to the use of HTML tags. Apply computer application tools, such as Microsoft Visio, for diagramming basic computer networks in a professional manner. Understand the importance of decision-making for purposes of successful project management. Effectively work in a team. Effectively research a local business and present problem-solving analysis solutions in a written report. Perform in a professional manner in the academic environment. BBA Program Objectives Students who earn a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Michigan Dearborn should (a) have acquired knowledge and skill for each functional area of business; (b) be able to appropriately apply that knowledge and skill to general business situations in both domestic and global settings; and (c) learn in an environment that fosters opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.
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