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ACC 381 TEAM FORMING CONTRACT University of Michigan-Dearborn Samantha Kleitsch Type Team Members Name, Email, and Phone: Name: Email: Phone: Name: Email: Phone: Name: Email: Phone: Name: Email: Phone: Name: Email: Phone: Directions for Team Forming Contract: 1. You will choose your own teams. Teams consist of 3-5 members. Choose wisely! Try to choose a diverse group to build on your own strengths. Fill out the top of this page with the names of your team. In any disputes or problems, we will refer to the Team’s contracts. Therefore, seriously think through penalties / consequences. 2. Complete the contract (MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN!). This contract is to create a set of rules that each team member is required to follow. This contract is meant to help your team set up a solid foundation for a positive experience in your course, and to assist with communications and understanding expectations for your team. There are 3 sets of rules: Part 1 is mandatory rules and you cannot change. Part 2 is partially written and you must complete each of these rules/consequences. The third and final set of rules is freeform. They can be created by your team about any mutually agreed upon aspect in ACC 381. A minimum of 3 additional rules are required for Part 3 . Any questions regarding what can be written as a rule or consequence, please ask me. 3. Read the entire contract very carefully. Each team member must initial the bottom of every page on this document to attest to having read and understood each page. This is very important! You will be bound by this information. Failure to understand the system will not be a viable complaint after you have initialed and signed the final contract. 4. After completing the contract, make a photocopy of the contract for each team member. 5. Be sure the contract is TYPED and all members have signed/initialed all pages. Page 1 of 6 BY THESE INITIALS I ATTEST THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS PAGE: ________ Team Member 1, ________ Team Member 2, ________ Team Member 3, ________Team Member 4, ________Team Member 5
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Team Forming Contract (1) The ACC 381 team whose members are ____________________________, ______________________________, ___________________________, ______________________, and ______________________ (“Team”) do hereby enter
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