Billionaire Game - US_101, wk8

Billionaire Game - US_101, wk8 - more thoroughly I have...

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How did this game help you understand the electronic resources available to you? Before I played this educational game, I had no idea the library held such valuable resources. Resources such as Pre-Algebra Review will help you determine whether you are ready for a certain course. This PowerPoint exercise assisted in increasing my knowledge of what the Library has to offer. CME and CWE will be very useful to me in the upcoming weeks. I also discovered the River Point program. It is now installed on my computer as a plug-in with Microsoft Word. What resource do you want to explore more when you have the time? Explain why. I would like to explore the Running Start Program / Self Assessment content
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Unformatted text preview: more thoroughly. I have logged into it and did a few steps that consisted of math problems and I found it to be interesting and informational. It is even easy to do and to understand what the program is instructing you to do. I made a fraction and it tells you systematically what to do next in order to make the problem complete. I would also like to read a bit more on Math Anxiety because I do tend to get a little nervous in math problems that prove to be mind boggling for me. I believe this section of the Center for Mathematics will strengthen my math skills....
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