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Unformatted text preview: CS 6 Topic 13 CopyLeft / Software Open Source If copyright and patents limit a program’s use and modification, how do we create a program guaranteed to stay free? Open Source Answer: create a copyright which requires an item be free to use, study, modify, and redistribute. Many licenses have been created to enforce this, differing slightly for their purpose and application. Hallmarks of licenses: Free Redistribution: the software can be freely given away or sold. Source Code: the source code must either be included or freely obtainable. Derived Works: redistribution of modifications must be allowed. Integrity of The Author's Source Code: licenses may require that modifications are redistributed only as patches. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups: no-one can be locked out. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor: commercial users cannot be excluded. Distribution of License: The rights attached to the program must apply to all to whom the program is redistributed without the need for execution of an additional license by those parties. Who writes this? Students working for degrees. Programmers working collaboratively, for fun, or for prestige. Companies who plan on giving away the software, but offering optional installation and support at cost. (Linux) “[A]t the end of 2005, 61.2% of code had been developed by individuals, according to copyright and credit claims, while 19.2% was claimed by companies, 5.6% universities, and 7.9% foundations.“ – European Commission Companies: Sun Microsystems IBM RedHat (linux) Schools: UC system MIT Carnegie Mellon Benefits of Open Source: Shared work, shared effort: lower development costs Larger brain pool Larger testing pool (you) Lower barrier for new software/technologies (mostly) Free of artificial marketing decisions Examples of Open source Mozilla Firefox - web browser Mozilla Thunderbird - e-mail client OpenOffice.org - office suite 7-zip – alternative to winzip GIMP – alternative toPhotoshop Linux kernel - operating system kernel based on Unix Apache - HTTP web server Eclipse - software framework for "rich-client applications" Tomcat web server - web container Blender - 3D graphics application Moodle - course management system OpenSolaris - Unix Operating System from Sun Microsystems Mediawiki - wiki server software, the software that runs Wikipedia Aras Innovator - Microsoft open source business process management enterprise software Drupal - content management system Joomla! - content management system GNU Compiler Collection - Programming language compiler for C, C++, Java and other languages. phpBB - open source bulletin board system Nvu - open source WYSIWYG HTML editor (webpage/website builder) Audacity - open source audio recording software StCAD-open source 3D Framework for Smalltalk Adempiere-open source ERP/CRM Not all free software is open source Examples: } AVG antivirus Adobe PDF viewer ZoneAlarm firewall Spyboy Search and Destroy iTunes Freeware (may not have product support) Not all free software is good Http://www.download.com/ hosts most, if not all free software, along with: Free to try OR actually Free #Times downloaded Editor’s rating User’s rating “Free to Try” Software can be called: Shareware Nagware Hobbleware Beware free Utilities Free utilities don’t come with traditional safeguards – you can hurt your computer. Feel free to play around with anything you want, as long as you: Don’t mess with the bios Are prepared to loose everything and completely reinstall. Mirrors Often a file is highly desirable. To distribute the load, many companies and universities offer to mirror the file on their own server. When you choose the mirror, pick the one geographically closest to you. What do I download? Check the OS: Windows XP/NT Windows Vista Linux OSX Executable (.exe) sometimes .zip, .rar Not Source Code! What do I download? Alpha: still under development Beta: first testing release Major Release: major.minor.revision.build Before Downloading: Recent backup? Note antivirus icon in toolbar Save file to disk (so antivirus sees it) What Software Makes the Internet Easier? Browser (FireFox) + plugins Email Client (Thunderbird) Chat Client (Trillian) CutePDF (save confirmations, research) Be Safe: Antivirus (AVG or NOD32) AntiSpyware (Adaware, Spybot, AVG) Firewall (ZoneAlarm) Mozilla Firefox Plug-ins and extensions you should use for Firefox: Adblock. remove ugly/blinking ads. http://o.pticalillusions.com/3d-sidewalk-art/ NoScript runs javascripts only with your permission. http://www.nick.com/ StumbleUpon (Wheeee!) ...
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