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Google_Earth - Google Earth What is Google Earth A...

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Unformatted text preview: Google Earth What is Google Earth? A satellite image viewer Allows annotations on many layers Client runs on your local computer Connects to server to get image data Free version is excellent, but limited Pro version is available for a fee ($400) Google Earth Features View Earth: (land, sea, sky) and Mars Touring - can record and play tours Get routes and follow them View 3D terrain (when you tilt view) Can view/play historical images View features added by you and others Includes a 3D flight simulator Google Earth: Basics Screen layout map, navigation, search Position: Lat, Lon, Elev, eye Elev Navigation search, marks, coordinates navigation controls: mouse, keys Settings and Layers borders, roads, and terrain Google Earth: Tour On-line Help for Google Earth Version 5 Google Maps Mapping Driving directions Street view My Maps ...
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