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led with suggestions for needed change

led with suggestions for needed change - wrong tense For...

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led with suggestions for needed change. There are recommendations for almost everything. Some of the indications are adding a comma, checking verb tense, Agreement of subject and verb problems, suggestions to avoid first person POV in academic essays, correct use of words, and sentence fragments. Adding a comma is self-explanatory and definitions should not be necessary. Checking verb tense refers to mistakes I made that have to do with verbs in the
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Unformatted text preview: wrong tense. For example, I wrote "he is asked" and that refers to the present. I should have written "he was asked". The word "Was" refers to the past and flows a lot better. Agreement of subject and verb refers to a singular subject and should match with a singular verb. Also, a plural subject should match with a plural verb. I wr . .....
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