B-Law Practice Test 2.2

B-Law Practice Test 2.2 - WCOB 1012 Exam 2 Ch 5-10 Fall...

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WCOB 1012 ______________________________ Exam 2: Ch. 5-10 Print Name Fall 2007 DO NOT START THIS EXAM UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Print your name where indicated on the exam. Print the following on your scantron sheet: Last name, followed by your first name and then your middle name Student ID number (also fill in the circles. If you do not do this your exam will not be graded in a timely manner) Form A, Form B, or Form C. Put this on the form where it reads “period.” 2. Mark your answers on your scantron sheet. Avoid erasures, as these are sometimes misread by the scantron machine. If you must erase, erase thoroughly. 3. Do not mark your answer in the margin, and do not write anything on the exam in larger print than the typing on the page. Remember that while you may write on the exam, the only answer which will be graded is the one marked on your scantron sheet. 4. Make sure your answers are secure. Keep your scantron sheet covered when you are not marking answers. 5. You cannot leave the room during the exam. Also, please wait at least 30 minutes before getting up to turn in your exam. This is to prevent the disturbance caused by students squeezing by other students in their rows. Please wait until the proctor says that it is OK to get up and turn in the exam. 6. When you are done turn in both the exam and your scantron sheet. Be prepared to present your ID card if asked. DO NOT START THE EXAM UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO! PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CAPS OR TURN THEM AROUND 1. Allen and Baker had a written agreement which provided that Baker would clear a three acre tract of land owned by Allen. The fixed price agreed upon was $15,000. The contract stipulated that the contract would not be legally
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binding unless and until the local school board approved a proposal to build a new elementary school in the area. The portion of the contract stipulating that it would not take effect unless the school board passed the proposal: A. Makes the contract void. B. Is a valid “restrictive covenant.” C. Is a good example of the “satisfaction” doctrine. D. Is a valid “condition precedent.” E. Makes the contract illegal, since it is dependent upon governmental action. 2. Carter was eating at a local restaurant. He read the following at the bottom of the menu: “If you are not completely satisfied tell your waiter, and you owe nothing.” After finishing his meal, Carter told his waiter that he was not satisfied and that he did not wish to pay. Which of the following is correct? A. This is a good example of discharge by operation of law. B. This is a good example of discharge by the “statute of limitations.” C. This is a good example of discharge by “impossibility.” D. In this case the “subjective satisfaction” doctrine applies and Carter will not have to pay for the meal. E.
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B-Law Practice Test 2.2 - WCOB 1012 Exam 2 Ch 5-10 Fall...

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