Business Strategy Test One Review

Business Strategy Test One Review - Business Strategy Test...

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Business Strategy Test One Review Chapters 1-4 Chapter 1 Boeing vs. Airbus o Boeing- historically a global leader in airplane manufacturing, revenue source commercial and governmental contracts. More 787 orders vs. Airbus more efficient A-380 Changed strategy and design, different production process, created smaller 787 dreamliner o Airbus EU government owned and subsidized Out Sold Boeing between 2001 and 2005, only to lose again in 2006 A-380 more efficient aircraft response to customer demands. Value creation results in above average returns. European Union is the world’s largest single market o EU vs. U.S. GDP 35% higher Emerging Competitive forces: China and India Globalization increased economic interdependence among countries as reflected in the flow of goods and services, financial capital, and knowledge across boarders 6 Basic Strategies o Cost Leader with Product Lifecycle Focus High end, traditional and Low end segments Competitive advantage through products that keep R&D, production, and material costs to a minimum. Products start as High end and end as low end. Competitive on prices. Vision Statement: Reliable products that offer value.
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o Differentiation with Product lifecycle focus High end, traditional and low end Competitive Advantage High awareness and easy accessibility Fresh and new Prices above average Expand capacity as demand increases Vision statement: Premium products that stand the tests of time. o
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Business Strategy Test One Review - Business Strategy Test...

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