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Bryan Redd WCOB 1033.003 Homework # 1 Questions 1-5 1. No, my attitude towards this class did not change after reading the syllabus I came in knowing that this class was going to be tough and that I was going to have to come to class everyday and be prepared to work. 2. I intend to complete all of my assignments, come to class everyday, and study before the night of the test. 3. I intend to attend every class unless certain circumstances arrive to where I am
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Unformatted text preview: sick or something serious has come up in which I will let the professor know ahead of time of my absence. 4. I intend to take the best notes I can in class in order to best prepare me for the test. 5. I believe it is always best to come in expecting an A in a class so you will do your best work and stay focused the entire time....
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