Acre Woods Case Study

Acre Woods Case Study - Acre Woods Case Study Some of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Acre Woods Case Study Some of the legal and ethical problems that I see with the pool situation is the fact that raising the rent for the residents when the pool wasnt their idea. Ethically it isnt right and I dont agree with raising the rent when there are so many other ways to raise more money for the pool. Some of the legal issues is that four of the residents have slipped and fell and that can cause injury which can ultimately turn into a law suit of Acre Woods and that can ruin a reputation of a place that has been doing good in the past and thus far. The way the director reacted was wrong and immature. Yes, the residents Im sure would be happy with having a pool, but dont you think that they would also be happy if they didnt hurt themselves or could have the chance of hurting themselves? By saying that the pool didnt need all the special requirements was selfish and very unprofessional. I really dont think the director is an ethical role model, but ethics are and very unprofessional....
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