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Benefits Checkpoint - Benefits Checkpoint In the Agency...

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Benefits Checkpoint In the Agency that I have been doing research on which is called the R.A.V.E (Relief Against Violent Encounter) is definitely a great place for people that are a victim of Domestic Violence. A lot of benefits that we have talked about are usually something to do with cash Such as, material goods/commodities, cash, expert services, positive discrimination, credits/vouchers, subsidies, government guarantees, protective regulation, and power over decisions. These are the nine forms of benefits listed in our reading material. However, these do not apply to this R.A.V.E program for Domestic Violence. This agency has different benefits such as, helping people get clothes if needed and shelter. Not only does this Agency help out with housing it also helps out with education and learning about Domestic Violence so that people that go in will come out of this program well educated and more strong willed, that they will not put themselves back in this situation again. A couple benefits that I want to share with you is the Safe house
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