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Case Study This is a very interesting article and situation. The HIPPA Law is to serve and protect client’s rights by having information disclosed and not to be spoken in public places where others can hear what’s going on. I believe coworkers in the Human Service field should be able to talk amongst themselves as long as it’s in a professional manner. However, sitting down in the cafeteria and talking about the case where others can hear is not the way you should do it and is not part of the HIPPA Law. These actions make the agency look bad and not trust worthy, it also makes people feel that the HIPPA Law is a joke and isn’t being enforced in all of Human Service Agencies. I feel that the director should sit both of them down since it’s their first time and ask
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Unformatted text preview: not to do it again otherwise you shouldn’t be working here. I would also make sure that Betty new the Laws that we have to follow and make sure she looks things over. Possibly do questions such as this one right now to make her fully understand what’s really going on. As for Jim I think maybe he should reevaluate his work ethics because for being in the Human Service field for over 20 years he should have definitely told her that we should not be discussing this here and schedule a meeting at either one of their own offices. All of this could have been avoided and in this case it was not and punishment will be dealt out because it is a Law that was broken....
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