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Cost per Outcome/Output The cost per output is something where you figure how to balance budget by the organization by the measure of minutes days and even hours to a certain client and all clients. This helps because for the financial manager they will be able to determine many things such as, predicting the specific program budget, serves as a control in estimating the number of clients that the program will accommodate estimates the frequency providing the service and, guides the agency in appropriately pricing its services. The cost per outcome is a bit different but right in the same alley. Instead of figuring out how to balance the budget between clients per hour and
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Unformatted text preview: days it more of a measuring tool to balance the money on how much is spent on clients with the measure of achievement and performance. These are important to the Human service programs because it will definitely help guide the clients and employees together on performance and achievements. It’s also important for an organization to understand this because then the financial manager can see the costs and determine where the company is struggling and where it is a success and balance it out better and make the organization more successful....
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