Eligibility for Homeless Agencies

Eligibility for Homeless Agencies - letters from landlords...

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Eligibility for Homeless Agencies Who is Eligible NYC Department of Homeless Families with a viable housing option will not be determined eligible for shelter services. You instead may be able to qualify for one of the much homelessness prevention programs that assist families in retaining their existing housing. If you already are homeless and preventive assistance cannot help you keep your existing housing, DHS will provide temporary emergency shelter in a safe environment. Before being placed in shelter, however, your family must be found eligible. In order for you and your family to be found eligible, DHS must verify that your family is in immediate need of temporary emergency shelter. DHS will conduct an investigation to determine whether there is any other safe and appropriate place for you and your family to stay, even temporarily. To aid the investigation, you should provide any documents that will help investigators understand why you now are homeless. Examples include: eviction papers, marshal’s 72-hour notices,
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Unformatted text preview: letters from landlords or managing agents, letters from people you used to live with, and documents from doctors or other professionals showing that a former apartment no longer may be appropriate. To be found eligible for emergency housing assistance, you and your family must apply for, or already be receiving, Public Assistance. HRAs Eligibility Processing Unit is located at the family intake center, and will help your family apply. Client Eligibility : Public Health Department (Homeless Persons Health Project), those eligible for the above services include youth, adults and families in Santa Cruz County who are: Living without shelter Living in substandard structures, threatening to health or safety shelter, under crowded conditions Staying in a shelter or transitional housing program Housed in a residential alcohol and drug treatment program with no stable housing to go to upon program completion...
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Eligibility for Homeless Agencies - letters from landlords...

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