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Enviornmental Factors - As far as Internal Environmental...

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Melinda Donner Environmental Factors HSM/220 Lisa Perez The four external environmental factors that help organizations achieve function are, economic, sociological, technological and political and professional factors. The economic factors, such as funding is the most important when it comes to success in an organization and how it can run smoothly without worry. Sociological factors include understanding the demographics in a targeted population. Understanding them and if they are mainly young children, teens, or elderly. This helps people understand the needs of the certain population. Political and professional factors are laws and regulations that a company must follow in order to maintain their operation successfully. Technological factors such as knowledge of computer and keeping up dated on the newest software versions that can help the organization keep correct data.
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Unformatted text preview: As far as Internal Environmental Factors go the ones that are most important to me are: Organizational purpose, mission and philosophy also Human Resources. I think these are important to an organization because having organizational purpose and mission will make others see what you stand for and the things you do and how well you do them inside the organization. If you just have a Human Service Organization and you do not know what you stand for, and what the organization stands for then you are not going to have many clients or client resources. Which ultimately means your Organization will fail. Human Resources are very important because without Human Resources things just cannot run properly. So with all of these things being said I think that if you can have these things mastered, and well trained into the employees, the organization will be fine and run strong....
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