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Ethical Decision Reflection HSM230

Ethical Decision Reflection HSM230 - I think this social...

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Running head: ETHICAL DECISION RELFECTION 1 Ethical Decision Reflection Melinda Donner HSM June 22, 2011 Cheryl Henry
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ETHICAL DECISION RELFECTION 2 Ethical Decision Reflection I had received a phone call from a social worker from my son’s school. At the time my son was participating in school as tolerated due to him going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He missed many days of schools because of him being ill with infections all the time. One day I received a call from the school social worker. All of a sudden she asked me in this tone of anger why my son couldn’t see his dad. I then told her she needed ask my son’s dad not me. I think she crossed the line when it came to asking such personal questions considering she had no right to speak with my son to begin with.
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Unformatted text preview: I think this social worker wanted to get involved and she thought it would be fine for her to do what she did without my consent. I think all social workers need to be reminded of the ethics involved when talking to children and how important it is to have morals. The values that led me to make my decision were not let my son see her,e she was unprofessional and out of line, it was about her crossing the line and her ton was disrespectful. The only factor that I had to consider were my son’s feelings and what he felt like when this person was asking him these questions about his dad. I don’t think my son was impacted by my decision if anything, he has grown to accept people for who they are and not their faults....
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Ethical Decision Reflection HSM230 - I think this social...

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