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Goals and Objectives - Goals and Objectives The Domestic...

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Goals and Objectives May 29, 2011 The Domestic Violence program that I have been researching and getting into a lot is the R.A.V.E (Relief Against Violent Encounters). I think this program is good and has a great vision to what they expect from the people that work there and for the victims of a Sexual or Domestic Violent case. Vision: Relief After Violent Encounter, Inc. supports a community where all individuals experience the right to be safe from domestic and sexual violence. This would be the goal of the Agency and the objectives to do that is what they offer to the victims when they choose to go to the R.A.V.E. Goals and Objectives sound very similar to each other and can definitely be mistaken for one another. Like i said, this agencies Vision is the goal and everything else they offer is the objectives. Mission: Relief After Violent Encounter, Inc.'s mission is to build comprehensive and sustainable community strategies to eliminate domestic and sexual violence in Clinton and Shiawassee Counties. Now, what’s the difference between the Vision statement and the Mission Statement? A vision Statement is more of a Goal inside the Company or Agency whereas the Mission Statement is more of a Goal that is well rounded within the agency and out. It’s more of
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