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Insurance Fund for Public Program Insurance is characterized in a sense that its benefits are acquired through the means of eligibility (requirements such as tax rates or premium contributions) which a public program must first apply through, and thus serves public programs with benefits, coverage, and premium that may initially be limited. There benefits to this and drawbacks to it as well. As for Medicare, Unemployment and Workers Compensation I personally don’t think that there is any benefit to this as far as a whole. Maybe as an individual it will help, of course it will, but as a community and the United States I think funding for these types of programs just puts us as people in debt. Medicare is a good thing when I was little I had Medicare, but now days it is hard to get and you have to have qualifications to even receive this type of insurance. Either really old or even handicapped for some cases or you might have
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Unformatted text preview: to have a really bad medical history. Unemployment is definitely a drawback. Funding for something like this is just not cool because there are people that will receive unemployment and stay on it for 2 to 3 years before they finally get another job. That’s just taking free money and being lazy. I really don’t agree with Unemployment and if we do have such a program there should definitely be atime limit before you have to get off and find another job. Worker Compensation is an alright funding program because it doesn’t happen often and there are rules to it. If you injure yourself on the job they druig test you because they don’t want you to get money and a paycheck when your off work if you were on drugs or do drugs while working. If its your fault no free money if it was truly and accident then sure we will help. I think workers compensation is a good funding program....
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