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Lobbying Congress To me i think that that accountability and regulating some rules and how to do things such as documentation accountability and even Ethical and morals can get in the way of doing a certain job you are out to do. For instance Documentation for the elderly and housing programs can be a pain because sometimes people will lie on the application just to be sure that they can get the help they need. I think if they fill out any form they should be able to be honest and still get the help they need. I don’t think it is fair to judge people on paper when clearly they are sitting across from you at your desk almost begging for help but since they have for example to many kids they can’t get the help or maybe it’s because they haven’t had a job in 2 years they can’t get the help. I just don’t think that it is right to determine who gets what where and when by a little piece of paper. If we are just talking about documentation and accountability i think that us being Human Service representatives that putting people first and not documentation or
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Unformatted text preview: records and past history first is more accountable than paper pushing. I do not agree with any of these things and i feel that most are cons. However, we do need to know a little bit of your past to determine what is best for them and not for our organization, so instead of paper pushing can’t we try out some things like one on one interviews and the interviewer is the one that makes the decision for this family or even an individual. It’s almost like having a person of control of the organization rather than paper having control over the person. However, this person doing the one on one interviews should be a employee with high education and has been around the block for a few years and knows exactly what to look for in a person to see if they need the help or if they are just lying to get extra help and advancement. These are just some things that I’m putting out there. I’m just saying we should care for the clients more rather than the paper part of things....
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