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management structures hsm220 - Staff development can rise...

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Running head: MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 1 Management Structures Melinda Donner HSM/220 July 10, 2011 Lisa Perez
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MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 2 Management Structures Departmentalization is something that you use in making groups and organization function properly. The advantages of departmentalization, is each person is doing only a certain job assigned to them. Excellent communications skills are acquired because the person has that specific obligation. The disadvantages of departmentalization, is people will be on the defense when it comes to change because they are so adjusted to the specific job they were assigned to and will have a hard time adjusting. Many organizations that have matrix organization can have many conflicts due to people doing more than just their position, too many people wanting to be in charge of everyone. This can bring a lack of communication which can hurt a company’s reputation. Advantages of the matrix organization, is the staff is flexible and can perform many different duties.
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Unformatted text preview: Staff development can rise because employees are not restricted to one specific are in the business. Project team really doesn’t consist of any disadvantages except that there are so many people working hard on one specific project not everyone is getting the recognition they deserve when the project is completed with success. The advantage is that there are more than one person getting the job and working hard to get the job done as efficient as possible to benefit the company. The Collegial Model is similar to the project team it is just a group of people trying to get one purpose of a task complete. Working in groups like this is definitely helpful, having others opinions help get ideas set to manage a project. The disadvantage would be that people have a hard time agreeing on what is best for the project and for the company. MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES 3...
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management structures hsm220 - Staff development can rise...

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