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Social Policy and Social Programs

Social Policy and Social Programs - be a lot of substance...

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Social Policy and Social Programs Program Theory A. This program is to prevent Adolescents from wanting to use Alcohol and Drugs. It is also to teach the teenagers ways to fight and prevent Substance Abuse. This program is also for kids who drop out and fall in the wrong path. We will teach them and help them get their G.E.D. or High School Diploma and after they succeed help them get a job. Program Design A. Non-Users 1. This program is going to be design for both users and non-users of substance abuse. For the non-abusers the kids will and can attend the prevention classes that will be held at certain times where it is convenient for both the child and Parents or Guardian. This class will teach the kids as well as the parents the effects of substance abuse and how to handle peer pressure. Not only is this class meant for Adolescents who might be in the trouble of trying Alcohol and Drugs but this program can also help Adolescents deal with problems at home where there might
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Unformatted text preview: be a lot of substance abuse going around between older family members. B. Users 2. For the users of Alcohol and Drugs this class will simply help with the addictions and the emotional and physical problems they might have. It will be a class where it will not only help them with their Substance Abuse problems but it can help them with their financial needs because most of what we know the teenagers who spend their time on Alcohol and Drugs usually drop out of High School and it’s hard for them to find a job so there for we will help them get their education and after find a job. Program Specification A. Some of the educational treatments that will be provided for this program are: 1. Educational Process: Brain Anatomy Nerve Cells and Neurotransmission Effects of Drugs of Abuse on the Brain Marijuana Opiates Inhalants Hallucinogens Steroids Stimulants Tobacco Addiction Methamphetamine General Unifying Activity Appendices...
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Social Policy and Social Programs - be a lot of substance...

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