Week 4 assignment 260

Week 4 assignment 260 - because it was at 650 at $2 now you...

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Fixed, Variable and BEP Assignment 10.1 10.2 10.1 Meals: High-Low, 4900-2500= 1400 Cost: High-Low, $26000-$20500= 5500 Variable cost per meal: $5500/$1400= $3.93 Variable cost per low month: $13,755 Fixed Cost: $20500-(3500*$3.93)= $6745 BEP: (PX=A+BX)= 3665 is the break-even point for meals The profit that will be made after hitting the 45,000 meal mark will be approximately $1,800. 10.2 The new BEP is 659. Is this a good solution for the company? I would think that it is
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Unformatted text preview: because it was at 650 at $2 now you have more customers and $4.50 so you only making a profit now. It’s very possible that there could be a slack of capacity because of the price of the paper. Right now it’s okay but later down the road you can very easily lose customers and ultimately lose money. So I would be careful and possibly find a better solution than this....
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