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Leadership Styles I think that the NSF uses more of a Transactional leadership because she is more about working for oneself and making benefits that way. Transactional leaders inquire the interactions between leaders and followers. A transactional leader focuses more on a series of "transactions". This person is interested in looking out for oneself. Having exchange benefits with their subordinates and clarify a sense of duty with rewards and punishments to reach goals. The SSS is more of a Transformational Leader because he thinks that it is a good idea to work in a fashion where it’s a personal and business oriented organization.
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Unformatted text preview: Transformational leaders conform to network and coworkers in the best fashion in order to benefit the organization while still sharing ideas. Personally I think being more of a Transformational Leader would fit best to me because I think it is important to have many people working together and sharing ideas all at once. I also think being more of a Transformational leader can help an organization in many different levels because it can build trust on a personal and business related level. So all in all I believe that Transformational is better and not so selfish as Transactional....
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