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Characteristics of a Knowledge- and Value-Centered Manager 1. Organization 2. Leadership Skills 3. Communication Skills 4. Networking Skills 5. Time Management 6. Conflict Resolution 7. Experience 8. Goal Setting 9. Responsibility 10. Objective Views These characteristics I think need to be valued more because every single one of these are something that can make the workplace a lot better if the manager could master these skills that are listed. I’m not going to talk about every single one because most of these are self explanatory. So the top three I would like to talk about are: Communication Skills, Organization, and Conflict Resolution. I am picking these three because I think that if you have just these three skills already mastered before the rest of them that you would be a better manager even great manager. These three skills help inside and outside the store. If you are organized it makes the store as well as you as a manger from the
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Unformatted text preview: point of view from upper seniority and the customer’s eye. Communication is very important in any business, for customers, employees and higher rank in the business. Having good communication in the workplace is great quality to have because if your communication is good with your employees then that can limit how much conflict happens inside the store. Conflict Resolution might be the hardest quality to have, but a very good one to have. Having less conflict between you and the employees as well as employees and employees will make the workplace better and less stressful. Having conflict in the store can result in bad service and quality of work that is being done. So all in all if you can master these three things before any of the rest I think you would be well on your way to becoming a great manager....
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