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---------------------------------- Exploiting Cisco Systems (Even From Windows! ;-) ) Written by Cyvamp (with a few notes added by Raven) July 2000 http://blacksun.box.sk ---------------------------------- Warning: DO NOT use this to damage cisco systems, or gain unauthorized access to systems. This tutorial is just something to use for educational purposes. Only use this information in a legal way (the hacker wargames for instance), and do not damage or destroy anything. This is a step-by-step guide on how a series of proven cisco exploits can be used to gain access. If you get caught breaking into a cisco router, or screw the system up, you can interrupt hundreds of internet clients, and cost thousands of dollars, so only use this when you are allowed!! Using this the wrong way will get you into a lot of trouble. Note: some of this tutorial was written on a Unix system, and the text was not converted to be DOS / Windows-compatible, so you'll have to view this text from either your Internet browser, or from an advanced editor such as Microsoft Word. ---------------------------------- Table of Contents: ---------------------------------- Before you start: - What is an IP address? - What is an ISP? - What is a TCP/IP packet? - How to spoof your IP - How to use Telnet - How to use HyperTerminal - How to use Ping - How to use TraceRoute - How to use a proxy server -------------------------------------
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- Section 2: how to find a cisco router - Section 3: how to break into a cisco - Section 4: how to break the password - Section 5: how to use a cisco router ----------------------------------- Stuff you'll need to know BEFORE you start: ----------------------------------- What is an IP address? IP stands for Internet Protocol, IP addresses are used by other computers to identify computers that connect to them. This is how you can be banned from IRC, and how they can find your ISP. IP addresses are easily obtained, they can be retrieved through the following methods: -you go to a website, your IP is logged -on IRC, anyone can get your IP -on ICQ, people can get your IP, even if you have the option set "do not show ip" they can still get it -if you are connected to someone, they can type "systat", and see who is connected to them -if someone sends you an email with IP-logging java, they can also get your IP address There are many more ways of obtaining IP addresses, including using back-door programs such as Sub7 or NetBus. ------------------------------------ What is an ISP? ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, they are the ones that give you the internet. You connect to one everytime you dial-up and make a connection. People can find your ISP simply by running a traceroute on you (traceroute is later explained). It will look something like this: tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops. 1
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Hacking_Cisco_Routers - -Exploiting Cisco Systems (Even...

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