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Full tutorial made by to Crack CD Protections: Full tutorial made for FOR #WAREZFRANCE CREW, by FANATIK Chapters: 1). About, Programs needed … etc. 2). The easy protection. 3). Finding the right file – and the right error. 4). Finding the right line number. 5). Editing the line. 6). Testing. 7). Quick order list. Here we go (again)! Chapter I: About, Programs needed … etc. Hrp! This tutorial is written by FANATIK, member of the #WAREZFRANCE CREW. It is the second part of my first tutorial: RiPPing Tutorial, that explains all about RiPPing except how to crack the CD protections… so here is the other part – how to finish the RiPPing by cracking the protection. This will help you w/ the most basic system of protection, called C- dilla, that is the most usual one… The programs we will use are 2: first, and decompiler – the files we will work with are in ExE format, and we need a program that will HeX them (transfer to 16 base, hexa, form) and locate the orders given in the code, then we will find the line we need and change it to remove the protection with. .. – the second program: we need a program that will *edit* the files, and fetch the right line number we got using the first program… all those action are easly done w/ the programs: Win32Dasm (the disassembler - decompiler program, added in the dir [root/Win32Dasm]), and Hiew (the editing program added in the dir [root/Hiew]). The programs are added to the tutorial, because I’m not so sure you can find then on a stable location on the net, in the dir [root/programs]. Chapter II: The easy protection. Okay! To save you from reading this entire tutorial for nothing you’re not going to use I made this chapter, because there is a good chance you won’t be needing it! Some games comes w/ protection as a files in the [/Setup] dir (or root dir) called: [00000001.TMP], [CLCD16.DLL], [CLCD32.DLL] and most important [CLOKSPL.EXE]. .. if you see any of them delete it and the protection should disappear (Important! delete them after making a mirror of the game on your HD, using the info in the next chapter) … if you are still getting an error message just keep on reading.
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Chapter III: Finding the right file – and the right error. The files we are going to work w/ will be the main ExE of the game: you will
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How to Crack CD Protections - Full tutorial made by to...

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