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Unformatted text preview: ¹020ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ020½ „ The Phone Losers Of America Present „ „ Information Gathering On Anyone - RedBoxChiliPepper „ ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕμ „ Written On March 20, 1993 Last Revision on February 12, 1995 „ ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕμ „ For Informational Cactuses Only. We're Not Responsible For Your Stupidity. „ ¡020ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ020¢ This file will contain just about every way there is that I know of and have used to gather information on an individual. Also included throughout the file are samples of conversations you would use to get what you want. Most methods I've outlined here are completely annonymous and over the phone. TABLE OF CONTENTS:----------------- 1. Residential Billing Office 2. Finding Out Info With Address (Library Methods) 3. Using Radio Shack as a CNA 4. Pretend To Be An Ameritech Recording 5. Pretend To Be A Manager 6. Become An Activist 7. Answering Machine Hacking 8. Impersonating The IRS 9. Getting Copies Of Their Phone Bill 10. Finding Out What Their Number Is After They Changed It 11. Getting His New Number From ANI Residential Billing Office:-------------------------- Method one is called the phone company's Residential Billing Office which is the place you call up when you want to make changes in your phone service or to have a new phone service installed. When you get a phone service installed, you give them all kinds of useful information like your full name, address, where you work, your birthdate, social security number, etc. You also give them the name of a friend or relative who they can contact in case they need to get in touch with you and so the long distance companies can call them everyday and beg them to sign up for their service. Is what I do to get all of this info on anyone I want is call up the residential office and pose as the owner of the phone wanting to make a change in my service. Of course, I cancel the change a few hours later so no one will ever know I was there. And it rarely fails to work for me. You can even get someone's private second number using this method. When you call the office and say you want to make a change in your service, they immediately ask you for your phone number. When they type in your number they see on their computer screens a whole page of information on you. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they knew my dog's name. They'll usually say something like, "Okay, and you are Rich?" Presto! You now have their first name....
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This note was uploaded on 08/08/2011 for the course CS 101 taught by Professor Jitenderkumarchhabra during the Summer '11 term at National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

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