hackfromlinux - Installing Hacking From Linux All you...

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All you people that thought you were good hackers, because you could fool dumb sysadmins, and do a bit of social engineering, or hack something by following someones carefully prepared text file. Well you're about to get fucked if you read this text file you will find out that you are a hacker but, the only thing you can do is use someone elses ideas. So with that in mind here goes. I wrote this text file because i know a lot of people who could benefit from learning to use linux, especially when hacking. First of all you need to get linux installed on your system so goto http://www.redhat.com I would suggest you invest $40 in buying the newest version of RedHat linux this way you will get all the files you want/need on one cd. If you have a problem with paying that price, then contact me and i will ship you a copy for half that price, yes only $20! If you are really cheap (like me :-) you could try and download it, i have gotten it to work before but it's really not worth the wait, i spent a total download time of about 3 days to download all the files i wanted, and if one of the files dosn't work, well you're pretty much fucked. Whatever you decide to do, weather it's purchasing a copy from me or from redhat.com, or being cheap :-) and downloading it, you should read the linux documentation project especially the installation part, it will save you hours of worry. I will touch down very briefly on what you have to do to install linux, but not nearly enough for you to understand the installation. Many people will tell you not to buy RedHat products because they're full of bugs, this is true, and I couldn't agree more, but the bugs are present if you're trying to hack teh box, so in this case just get RedHat Linux, since it's by far the most user friendly and the easiest to install. On the other hand if you are intending to run a sophisticated webserver do NOT get redhat, get something like slackware, or debian linux. If you are planning to use linux to access the net etc. .. you will need to read the FAQ on compatability at http://www.redhat.com, i currently don't know of any distribution of linux that supports winmodem or any other type of modem that uses windows software to speed it up, these modems are generally those yukky U.S robotics modems. From now on I'm assuming you either purchased RedHat linux from me or from RedHat. O.K lets get started, you will need to partition your harddrive, to do this goto dos and type in fdisk choose no. 4 to view current partitions. If you have one large partition that fills your whole harddrive just reserved for windows then once again you're fucked. You need to back up all your shit, before performing the steps below. Once everything is backed up go to dos yet again and type 8in fdisk, now you need to delete your current partition and set a new primary partition the primary partition should not fill your whole harddrive, leave as much space as you want
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hackfromlinux - Installing Hacking From Linux All you...

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