hackmind - So you wanna be a HACKER huh? <Bwahahaha!>...

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So you wanna be a HACKER huh? <Bwahahaha!> It's a state-of-MIND! ..you can induce it - but only if you are willing to drive yourself mad enough! Go read and practice until you have mastered at least Assembly language and Intermediate Level Electronics! Without this foundation you'll be just another little geek, who might know the magic words to the spell but dosent understand what he's doing! So RTFM! ..so what does that mean? Read The Fucking Manual! You will be sooo amazed at how easy most things are if you just try to read the manual first! The truth is: Most people cant read. Or they read poorly if they read at all. So if you can't really read. ..STOP RIGHT HERE. GO learn to read first. If you can't read at a minimum 12th Grade level you cant be a hacker. Reading is the basic skill you must have to do EVERYTHING BEYOND THIS POINT. Tell your friends you cant party. ..you're busy. Spend at least 4 hours a day at your new-found fascination. ..or decide right here and now that you cant cut it! If you CAN, get a copy of MINIX or LINUX. ..start learning about OPERATING SYSTEMS. Then start your 1st real hack. ..try building a computer-controlled, DTMF dialer card for your cheap PC. ..write the code to use it with, make it a TSR to keep life interesting. ..now port it to MINIX or whatever ...better yet, port it as an IOCTL call at kernel level! You keep reading. .. Now you're ready to take on something more complex - go to the
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hackmind - So you wanna be a HACKER huh? &lt;Bwahahaha!&gt;...

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