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Cracking the Windows 95 Screen Saver Password Article Extracted from 2600 Magazine Volume 13 #4 ============================================= Defeating the Windows 95 Screensaver by rdpzza While many may consider this a trivial exercise, cracking the password scheme for Win95 may be useful to some of you out there. Some may even find ways to have phun with it as well. To start with, you need to know where to look. In 3.1, the password was kept in the control.ini. Although 95 also uses the control.ini, it does not use it for keeping the password information. Foe 95, you will have to look in each of the user.dat files. I say each because if you have multiple users, each user may have a profile saved on the hard drive. The default user.dat file is in the \windows directory. The other user.dat files can be found in the director \profiles\username where username changes. As you may know, user.dat is one of t files used for the registry and its is very important. User.dat will carry the a "shr" so you will have to look accordingly. Also, since it is so important, a ba
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