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Unformatted text preview: Traffic Bonanza Traffic Bonanza Do you know how many hits you could be getting? If you have a site or referral program you are trying to promote online then you know how hard it is to get good quality hits without spending a lot of money. In order to make it on the net and earn a worthwhile, residual income it is imperative to get 1000 hits to yoursite, whether it be in a month, a week, or even better, a day! This is an easy way we have discovered to start getting 1000s of hits a day and start making $1000s of dollars! The key is that you don't have to spend a dime, we're warning you not to! Just follow the steps below, its fast and easy. 1. The Importance of the Web Site If you don't have a site or don't really know how to make one you can get one free at Brave Net. They make it easy enough for anyone to make a quality webpage. Next, make sure your site isn't just a page with links slapped on to it. Ad some content, add a poll or two, spice it up a little bit with graphics and colors. Make it real quality. Some banner exchanges will only accept you if your site is a real site. It is also always good to have a mirror site on a different IP, be sure to change the layout a little though. The good part about a mirror site is you can put pop ups and exit exchanges on some, and not on others. This way you can enter any click through or traffic site. Also make sure to have a snappy and eye catching banner. You can make one on your own, be sure to use bright colors just not black and red because they detract the eye. Make sure the banner is professional looking because more people will take you seriously that way. An animated banner is also always better. A great way to spice up your site and keep visitors coming back is to add Bravenet tools to your site. It is totally free and they give you an unbelievable amount of tools to work with. From forums, live polls, guestbooks, to autoresponders, newsletters, you name it! People will have fun at your site while they make you money, referr their friends and even come back. 2. The Perfect Programs Following is a list of programs that will give you free hits to your site. Many require you to look at other peoples sites in order to get hits to yours, which is better than paying, but who has time for all that? In order to get the full value of the programs sign up for all of them and then promote them together on your webpage file:///C|/WS_FTP/trafficmaji.htm (1 of 4) [1/23/2003 9:44:21 PM] Traffic Bonanza or in an ebook just like this! Click Thru - The best Viral Visitors Fast Freeway Traffic G. Web Biz Insider Hit Harvester No More Hits Traffic Swarm. Fantastic Hits Webmaster Quest I Love Clicks Cash Clicking Click Silo Magnetic Hits Hit Snapper Clickity Cash. Eternal Hits Startpage Profits Green Sponder Ezy Traffic Hit Overload Hit Pulse Pop In Ads BannersGoMLM Don't forget about Brave Net This site will not only improve your site but earn you money, you get $1+ for everyone you refer to sign up for a free account. A great way to check up on the status of your site is by signing up for a hit counter. Other great ways are by hosting your own classifieds site or FFA site. The real value in those is not to post in them but to have your own. You can get a totally free one from Bravenet, you don't even have to know any html or anything, they keep the site up for you. 3. Keeping It Up Don't forget to keep things up, nothing will ever work for you if you quit after a week. Try atleast a month, even two. I garuntee your website traffic will double. Everything takes time and you have to hone your skills to get the most out of this industry. Be sure to update your site regularly, keep a guestbook and reply to file:///C|/WS_FTP/trafficmaji.htm (2 of 4) [1/23/2003 9:44:21 PM] Traffic Bonanza visitors, make people feel welcome. Always come across as someone who wants to help the next guy. The things that you will learn from this journey can be a lot of help to those who are just begging. _______________________________________________ For the latest in web promotion & money making visit Majicebe's Want Dollz? Guyzndollz.cjb.net is your one stop shop Visit Pinksugah.net for a little movie fun everyday! Alumninet - Earn $5 each time a person signs up for a free account with alumni.net. There are also drawings where you can win $200 each month. MileScource - I love this program because it is easy and fun to get points. You receive 1000 just for joining and you can start getting prizes at 1500 points! They have free blockbuster rentals, dvds, tons of gift certificates, free vacations and of course cash. You can get points by simply viewing sites, signing up for free offers, playing games, taking surveys and shopping online at your favorite stores. This one is totally worth checking out. Spedia - I like this one because it does not only pay but it is fun also. Get points for surfing the web, signing up for free programs, playing games and getting cash back on things you buy. Convert those points into money. Kiwibox This one doesn't exactly offer money but it is the most fun for teens. You get points by refferrals, posting, signing up for free things, visiting websites, emailing etc. You can redeem points for backstage passes, concert tickets, make up, cell phones, stickers, xboxes, dreamcasts, playstations, cds, dvds, dvd players....you get the picture. You can also take surveys and sign up for fun kiwibox jobs. Check this one out if you are a teenager us99 This one is based on a radio station and is open to everyone. I love this one because they have tons of great prizes such as movie passes, dvds and gift certificates. It is very simple to gain points and then redeem those points for prizes like the ones I previously mentioned. You can earn those points by listening to their radio station, visitng sites, predicting winners, referring friends, taking surveys etc; there are about 10 different ways. file:///C|/WS_FTP/trafficmaji.htm (3 of 4) [1/23/2003 9:44:21 PM] Traffic Bonanza file:///C|/WS_FTP/trafficmaji.htm (4 of 4) [1/23/2003 9:44:21 PM] ...
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