Foreword - Foreword Chapter One Nearly every text has a...

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Beta Draft - Do not distribute © 2001, By Randall Hyde Page 3 Fore word Chapter One Nearly e very text has a throw-away chapter as Chapter One. Here’s my version. Seriously, though, some important copyright, instructional, and support information appears in this chapter. So you’ll probably want to read this stuff. Instructors will definitely want to review this material. 1.1 Foreword to the HLA Version of “The Art of Assembly. ..” In 1987 I be g an w ork on a te xt I entitled “Ho w to Program the IBM PC, Using 8088 Assembly Lan - guage. ” First, the 8088 f aded into history , shortly thereafter the phrase “IBM PC” and e v en “IBM PC Com - patible” became f ar less dominant in the industry , so I retitled the te xt “The Art of Assembly Language Programming. ” I used this te xt in my courses at Cal Poly Pomona and UC Ri v erside for man y years, getting good re vie ws on the te xt (not to mention lots of suggestions and corrections). Sometime around 1994-1995, I con v erted the te xt to HTML and posted an electronic v ersion on the Internet. The rest, as the y say is his - tory . A week doesn’ t go by that I don’ t get se v eral emails praising me for releasing such a fi ne te xt on the Internet. Indeed, I only hear three really big complaints about the te xt: (1) It’ s a Uni v ersity te xtbook and some people don’ t lik e to read te xtbooks, (2) It’ s 16-bit DOS-based, and (3) there isn’ t a print v ersion of the te xt. W ell, I mak e no apologies for complaint #1. The whole reason I wrote the te xt w as to support my courses at Cal Poly and UC Ri v erside. Complaint #2 is quite v alid, that’ s wh y I wrote this v ersion of the te xt. As for complaint #3, it w as really ne v er cost ef fecti v e to create a print v ersion; publishers simply cannot jus - tify printing a te xt 1,500 pages long with a limited mark et. Furthermore, ha ving a print v ersion w ould pre - v ent me from updating the te xt at will for my courses. The astute reader will note that I ha v en’ t updated the electronic v ersion of “The Art of Assembly Lan - guage Programming” (or “ AoA”) since about 1996. If the whole reason for k eeping the book in electronic form has been to mak e updating the te xt easy , wh y ha v en’ t there been an y updates? W ell, the story is v ery similar to Knuth’ s “The Art of Computer Programming” series: I w as sidetrack ed by other projects 1 . The static nature of AoA o v er the past se v eral years w as ne v er really intended. During the 1995-1996 time frame, I decided it w as time to mak e a major re vision to AoA. The fi rst v ersion of AoA w as MS-DOS based and by 1995 it w as clear that MS-DOS w as fi nally becoming obsolete; almost e v eryone e xcept a fe w die-hards had switched o v er to W indo ws. So I kne w that AoA needed an update for W indo ws, if nothing else.
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Foreword - Foreword Chapter One Nearly every text has a...

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