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Mohamed Abdi-500703361ITM707 Reflection Case 12-1: Stop & Shop’s Scan It! App Background In the United States, grocery stores and supermarket shopping industries have combined for a total annual revenue in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Just food and beverages sold alone have tallied up to $600 billion in 2014. But now with the competition for consumers on the rise between grocery stores, a Massachusetts-based grocery stored named Stop & Shop tries to gain an better understanding of customer loyalty to grocery shopping. Issues 1. The first issue is competition. Thousands of grocery stores are located within the US and only a small sum of them can maintain customer loyalty. 2. The second issue is the consumer retention. Owners are having difficulty in keeping customers to shop at their stores. The reason being is because of the vast number of options consumers can choose from in regards to grocery stores. Analysis Using the Five Forces model to analyze this case.
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