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Application Note A VICI TSR Terabit Switch Router Building the core of the 21 st century network The Avici Terabit Switch Router (TSR ) represents a new class of switch/router solution for IP-optimized, high-performance, reliable, core networks. Tremendous scalability, speed, carrier- class resiliency, optical network integration, and IP-optimized quality of service features uniquely suit the TSR for such environments. As a result, carriers and facilities-based ISPs who wish to provide IP services, such as virtual private networks, electronic commerce, voice over IP, and Internet-2, are ideal candidates for the Avici TSR. Avici ’ s TSR is designed to handle up to 560 OC-192 ports, with an aggregate switched bandwidth of 5.6 terabits/second. A unique switch design provides scalable configurations from 2.5 Gigabits to 5.6 Terabits/second. It utilizes the latest optical technology to provide direct connection to dense wave division multiplexors, reducing the amount of equipment that carriers will need to deploy to provide high-speed transport networks. Advanced Features for high performance IP networks Avici ’ s TSR provides the user with advanced features such as: Direct Connect Fabric a high performance distributed switching fabric that provides capacity from 2.5 Gbps to 5.6 Tbps. Coupled Layer Trunking — simplifies backbone topology definitions. Distributed routing architecture — for higher performance through separation of routing and packet forwarding. Packet over Wavelengths (POW) optical integration – reduces the equipment required to take advantage of dense wave division multiplexing and provides increased network resiliency Class of service support — a wide range of tools to
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avici_tsr - Application Note AVICI TSR Terabit Switch...

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