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IP over Optics – BBSystems Work-Package Abstract: This document provides a brief outline of the work that the BBSystems team plans to undertake as part of the IP over Optics (IPO) project. It is intended to act as an item for discussion so that a more formal requirements specification can be developed. The aim is to examine strategies for providing economical robustness within a metro-network environment. However, to enable a quantitative evaluation to be undertaken, a number of performance assessment criteria are selected. In addition, an attempt is made to identify a suitable tool that can be used to perform this study together with an initial proposal for several network scenarios that could be investigated as part of the validation exercise. Finally, there is a preliminary attempt to predict the effort required to fulfil this work-package. Aims: The aim of this work-package is to investigate mechanisms for providing protection within an IP based metro-network environment. Although it is acknowledged that Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) provides robust maintenance 1 suitable for use within a long-haul core network, it is proposed that alternative schemes can provide a more cost effective solution within the access network / metro-network. This work will examine the efficacy of using / adapting routeing protocols, such as Boarder Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4), to instigate protection mechanism(s) that can be used in conjunction with differentiated service classes to provide an adequate resolution strategy in the event of link failure or congestion. The objective is for the routeing / monitoring mechanism to provide suitable re-routeing of traffic under failure conditions, with emphasis on providing minimal disruption to “premium” services. To improve reliability it is also assumed that the protection mechanism(s) should be decentralized and autonomous. Performance Assessment Criteria: To enable a quantitative assessment to be made of the failure resolution mechanism(s) as well as determine the magnitude and duration of the QoS degradation observed by different classes of traffic during this resolution period, it is necessary to observe a number of representative parameters. These include:
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ipo_req1 - IP over Optics BBSystems Work-Package Abstract...

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